The Mojave River Hatchery near Victorville in San Bernardino County will be closed to the public as of May 1, to allow for maintenance and repairs of the raceways, buildings and equipment. The facility is expected to reopen in approximately three to four months when all repairs are complete.

All fish currently at the hatchery will be stocked by the end of April. During the temporary closure, the rainbow trout that would normally be hatched and raised at the Mojave River Hatchery will be instead be raised at the Fillmore Hatchery and stocked from there to Southern California waters.

“We understand that anglers are concerned about their favorite fishing spots being affected, but rest assured, we will continue to stock the 66 waters in six counties with trout just as we have done in the past,” said CDFW Senior Hatchery Supervisor Gary Williams. “The work being done will make our operations more efficient and result in better fish production for Southern California.”

Once the maintenance projects are complete, the hatchery will resume all operations and reopen to the public.

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