Fishing for a crucian carp in the summer

The choice of time for fishing is one of the most important moments of preparation, because the peculiarity of summer is not only that at this time the longest days and abundance of all kinds of gifts of nature, but also in hot days, and fish, as well as all living things on this land is not an ardent fan of heat.

The most ideal time is earlier in the morning, or from 16-17 hours before sunset. The fact is that when the water is heated by the hot sun, the amount of oxygen in the water is reduced, which prevents the fish from breathing freely and makes it look for darker and deeper places. In the midst of a summer day, you can hardly provide yourself with a good catch, except that you will catch fish on the bill in the nearest shop, but those times of day that were listed above certainly will not leave you without a fragrant fish for dinner.

Summertime is a period of activity of such popular fish as crucian carp, even if it is famous for its bony, but it is delicious and excellent raw material for fragrant ears. There are two types of crucian carp, namely, round crucian carp, its other name is gold, and silver, they can be distinguished by their appearance, the latter has an oblong body, in contrast to the round (gold) and bronze-gray color.

Summer catching of crucian carp can last until the middle of September, and it starts in the second half of May. At this time, the crucian carp is preferably fed at shallow depths of about two meters, but sometimes it can hide in places where it is much deeper. With the constant catching of this fish can be noted a certain pattern, at night your catch will be a larger crucian carp, and in the light of day vice versa. The best catch of such fish is waiting for you on quieter and calmer days. Crucian carp is a kind of fish alone, he often lives where there is no other fish, it should be searched for in more marshy waters, near the densely growing reeds, he loves acidic water, this is its feature.

Nourishing dung worm – the best treat for crucian carp, but also do not forget about the food, here it is more demanding, in this case, you can be useful moth in combination with crumbs of some baked goods or simple dried bread crumbs, just as excellent food is obtained from cake, wheat or peas.

And do not forget about the gear, they must be very sensitive, to catch the crucian carp is enough usual float rod, as the crucian carp lives in places overgrown with herbs and reeds, the float will be very useful.

The tackle set-up for crucians has to be very delicate. A good solution for beginners would be to buy rod and reel combo ( ). For baits, maggots obviously take crucians, but a favourite bait is a single grain of corn.






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  1. Crucian carp doesn’t like open pond areas. The fact is that the crucian carp has many natural enemies, but even when there is no obvious enemy of the crucian in the pond, he constantly sticks to his hiding places. This suggests that he has a strong self-preservation instinct.

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