What Makes Epic Fly Rod Blanks So Special?


The answer is deceptively simple – Attention to detail , superior fly composites and no expense on fly rod blank construction. There are a number of unique features that make Epic Fly Rods blanks superior to all other fly rod blanks.


Fly Rod Blanks Composites

Carbon FIbre / Graphite Fly rod Blanks

Revised generation two nano-technology. Epic C series are a state of the art fly rod blank. The most sophisticated composite materials and production processes are used in their construction. Proprietary nano-resins, full Helical construction, multi modulus, and unidirectional carbon fibre – We believe this is the most sophisticated fly rod blank available.

Epic C (Carbon) series fly rod blanks are high performance fishing tools. The lockup point develops in the top third of the blank, and although recovery rates are fast, the Epic C series would best be described as Mid Flex (Orvis) or Medium fast (Sage). They are light without sacrificing strength


100%  Carbon Construction

The carbon helix core boasts true 100% carbon construction. These blanks contain no scrim.


100% Uni-directional material – Non Woven

Super light-weight construction and superior strength. Non woven Uni-directional material is up to 40% stronger than traditional woven material commonly used by fly rod manufacturers.  A non woven fiber can achieve 100% of its tensile and compressive loading. Unidirectional material affords super light weight construction and superior strength.


Carbon Helix Core

The helical core forms the basis for hoop strength and fibre support in the zero/longitudinal axis and does away with traditional scrim based construction.


Silica nano-resin. Super Low Resin Systems

Utilising materials with resin content up to 30% less than conventional materials, Epic C series blanks are lighter and stronger. Low resin materials help increase bending limits & overall response.


Multi Carbon Construction (Multi modulus)

Using only the highest quality fabrics from USA, Japan and Korea, up to five different types of carbon are used in each blank. Each type is placed at various parts of the blank to optimize strength and weight. C series ultra high modulus fibre boasts the highest tensile and compressive strength of any fibre in its class.


Internal High Strength Ferrule

A high strength internal ferrule is placed at each join to provide superior crush and split resistance.


Target Zero Fibre Alignment

Fibre alignment along the length of any blank is critical. Even the smallest deviation in fibre alignment from the axis of load will greatly reduce the strength of the blank.


Two pack Marine Grade Paint system

Epic C series blanks are finished with a clear marine grade two pack paint system for extra protection and toughness.


FastGlass Fiberglass Fly Rod Blanks

The world’s best fiberglass fly rod blank. Epic™ FastGlass is produced from industry leading Zentron 8 micron Unidirectional S-2 Glass. This next generation fiber is specifically engineered for fly rod production and features 8 micron fibers developed and produced in the USA. These fibres are almost half the diameter of other unidirectional materials, resulting in a tighter, more precise and stronger material.


Not sanded and not unsanded. Our SnakeBelly™ finish is produced by a unique radial production process. SnakeBelly™ delivers the toughest exterior finish possible. After production, blanks are first painted and then clear coated. This two step process produces blanks that are incredibly scratch resistant and very durable.

Sure Fit Ferule™

Break a tip? we’ve got you covered.  This ferule system is so precise that parts interchange between models. Gone are the days of having to return a broken section to the manufacturer or outlet where you purchased from. Breakages can be addressed by simply sending out the replacement part.


Benefits of our Sure Fit Ferrule system:


  • A secure positive fit eliminates knocks
  • Smoother energy transfer
  • Eliminates flat spots
  • Non slip – reduces twisting due to torque
  • Internally reinforced ferrules – eliminates ferrule fracture
  • Durable & scratch resistant
  • Gets better with use
  • Precise fit, sections are interchangeable, in the case of tip breakages replacement sections can be sent out immediately. No need to return the blank for a fit.
  • Light
  • The 590C fly rod blank weighs an astoundingly light 36 grams (1.2oz) 10% lighter than our previous model and lighter than equivalent blanks by Scott or Sage.


Nano Tough

Our use of Silica nano-resin makes for a very tough, lightweight and extremely responsive blank.














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