How Do You Know When a Guppy is Done Giving Birth?

Guppies delivery time is a crucial time as it undergoes contraction and relaxation. Plus, the fish got such weakness that it may die after giving birth to baby guppies. The caretaker needs to monitor the guppy to provide the post-delivery care so that it can survive. Now the question is, how do you know when a guppy is done giving birth? Check the following signs, and you will easily identify that guppy is free from delivering the little fry fish.


You Will Find No More Contractions


It takes about one hour for the guppy to deliver the whole little guppies. According to research, it has found that a young guppy delivers fewer babies as compared to the old one. The guppy tends to give birth to about 20 guppies at one time. The number may alter. You will see the upper body surface contraction until the last baby comes out of the body. It will become calm, and you will observe no shivering.



Gravid Spot Disappears


Another big sign of identification is the disappearing of the gravid spot. It is a spot that is dark in color and shows the eyes of baby guppies. As soon as fish deliver all babies, the spot will be less dense, and its color fades. It will merge with the original color of the fish. Even the guppy’s own color will become silver-gray; that is its original shade. It is a good indication that you can judge to know that fish is free now.


It Starts Swimming Normally


After getting free from its delivery, the baby guppy is now relaxed. It gets calm and starts swimming regularly. It’s the right time when the caretaker can shift the mother guppy to the other container so that it stays safe from the male guppies. Moreover, if you have separated already from the main tank to the delivery pot, then shift from here as well. It is because the mother guppy is dangerous for babies. It eats them. So be careful and shift to the tank where it can get the proper food and optimum temperature to recover its immune system.


Its Belly Looks Normal


The pregnant guppy has the box belly. It’s mean it is large. But once it delivers the babies, its tummy gets flatten. Maybe not too much, but it is less as compared to a full-term pregnant guppy. When you feel that it is a relaxed and normal position, you can change its location for healthy survival.

These are a few signs that properly indicate that guppy is free from delivery. It shows that it needs post-delivery care now. The experts shift to the tank where there is a comfortable temperature, have clean dust, and parasite free environment. Moreover, they feed it with special food that helps in the recovery of the immune system. In this way, after a few days, it becomes able to mate with a male guppy.

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