Casting Spinners that catch salmon and steelhead like no other, the Hoochie Bomb

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The Hoochie Bomb is one of the most effective casting spinners ever made. Our fishing spinners are assembled with only the highest quality materials. As in you won't get spinners like these anywhere else. Why? Because we use beads made of high density natural gemstones. Yes! Real gemstone.  We also apply UV coatings, hoochie skirts and Hyper Vis magic tape or foil on our blades. In addition we don't put cheap hooks on our H Bombs.

We use premium hooks like the Matzuo Sickle Siwash or the Gamakatsu Big River Bait. To send the point home, we add UV hook stabilizer tubing to help increase hook sets. The Hoochie Bomb is hands down the best casting spinner for salmon and stelhead on the market. Don't take our word for it, start blowing up a fishing hole near you and see for yourself why so many anglers are switching to our killer salmon fishing spinners.

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