The Ultimate Sturgeon Fishing Trip

Over the years the sturgeon fishing in California has been on the decline. Also in many cases the number just don’t support a fishing season or retention is not allowed.  A great alternative more and more Californians are becoming aware of is the Oregon Sturgeon fishing scene. One of the best Columbia River Sturgeon fishing guides in the Pacific Northwest is Buddy Dupell of Columbia River fishing adventures. Buddy is a year-round full-time guide offering year-round trips for sturgeon, walleye, and more.

Perhaps one of the largest draws to the Columbia River is the Sturgeon fishing. There is a big enough population to support the sturgeon sports fishery and in certain areas of the Columbia River, keeper sturgeon is allowed. Fishing for these monsters is an experience your biceps are not likely to soon forget. With fish that get in excess of 6 feet long and 200 plus pounds, your heart is sure to start popping when you see one of these fish rocket out of the water like a nuclear missile just launched from a sub.

We are talking the sturgeon fishing trip of a lifetime with pretty much everyone in the boat limiting out. You’ll be amazed at how good the sturgeon fishing is with as many as 40 hookups in a day. Sturgeon Fishing with Buddy Dupell of Columbia River Fishing Adventures is hard to beat. Hundreds of satisfied customers all agree that Buddy is one of the best fishing guides in Oregon.

If you have larger groups, not a problem, Buddy’s son Travis Dupell is just as good a fishing guide as his father and they often run two boats at the same time to service corporate clients or family events. Give Buddy a call at 503-490-3099 and book your Columbia River Sturgeon fishing trip today! Once you set that hook you’ll see for yourself it’s well worth it. Hope you enjoy! From your friends at Fishing California.



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